About Me

I'm a junior at Harvard pursuing a concurrent bachelor's and master's degree in Computer Science. I'm currently building an LLMOps startup in stealth and investing @ signum capital, a singaporean crypto vc firm. Previously, I've interned at Teradata and Alpaca Markets, working on LLMOps and Algorithmic Trading respectively. This coming summer, I'll be an Associate Product Manager intern at Salesforce in SF!

I'm broadly interested in LLM's, distributed systems, and crypto. Outside of school, I'm an avid tennis player, foodie, and sci-fi movie enjoyer.

What I'm doing

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    Product Management

    I'm involved in a variety of Product roles throughout different companies, startups, and campus organizations. Much of my PM experience is technical, with many projects requiring me to either code myself or work very closely with it.

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    Software Engineering

    I have experience building full-stack web applications, navigating OAuth + API's + Deployment, and exploring blockchain engineering. At my startup I'm learning modern frameworks like Next.js and working with rapid iterative development.

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    Quantitative Finance

    I'm exploring the world of Quantitative Trading and Trading Apps at Alpaca. There, I'm implementing algorithms like these using Alpaca's trading API's.

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    Films and Shows

    I'm a movie buff, with some of my all-time favorites being Inglorious Bastards, Inception, The Godfather, and The Prestige. I also watch anime.




  1. Harvard University

    Computer Science AB/SM | 2021 — 2025

    At school, I take coursework in topics like Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, and Distributed Systems. I'm involved with a variety of organizations, spanning focuses like tech, blockchain, and civic engagement.

  2. Gap Year

    2020 — 2021

    I graduated high school when Covid started and felt that online college wasn't worth it, so I decided to take a gap year to upskill and take some time off. During this time, I learned programming fundamentals and took online courses in machine learning and finance.

  3. I also climbed Mount Half Dome in the summer before college - one of my proudest accomplishments.


  1. Co-Founder - Product and Engineering

    Startify | 2022 — Present

    I spent 2022 summer in San Francisco building Startify: a video-first recruiting platform that 1. allows applicants to stand out from other applicants with video resumes and 2. allows companies to behaviorally screen top talent instantly. I lead product and help code our product along with my CTO and CEO. More coming soon.

  2. Software Engineer and Product Manager Intern

    Alpaca | 2022

    Alpaca provides stock and crypto trading APIs for developers.
    - Engineering: built a Slack Bot in python allowing community users to trade stocks/crypto using Slack commands. Integrated with multiple API’s and Oauth 2.0 and handled routing + backend server logic.
    - Product: Wrote 3 technical articles with example trading algorithms for developer customers, including a Triangular Arbitrage Strategy, an On-Chain Metric Investing Strategy, and a Reddit Sentiment Analysis Strategy. Created feature requirements and managed the sprints for each project from zero to one.

  3. Labs Incubator and Governance

    Harvard Blockchain | 2021-2022

    Selected into the inaugural cohort of the Startup Labs Incubator. Conducting blockchain research and voting proposals for Governance Committee on BitDAO and Compound.

  4. Director of Education and Associate Product Manager

    Harvard Product Lab | 2022

    Product Lab is Harvard’s flagship product management organization.
    - As Director of Education, organizing and hosting workshops with industry-leading PMs and speakers. Preparing educational materials and presentations.
    - Associate Product Manager consultant for Fortune 200 Client with $200B Market Cap. Performed user research to define pain points and personas. Competitive and market analysis. Defined and prioritized technical features with wireframes by considering build difficulty and impact. Wrote technical product spec for presentation with client executives.

  5. Head of Product

    Harvard Votes Challenge | 2021-2022

    Currently leading Product Management for MVP and campus+nation-wide launch for a novel organizing tool, incubated at Harvard Innovation Labs. Managing team of 2 Product Managers and 2 UI/UX designers. Shaping overall product vision & spearheading collaboration between UI/UX, Product, and SWE/Data Science. Won the 2022 IOP Democracy Hackathon - premier Gov Tech hackathon at Harvard.

  6. Co-Founder and VP of Product

    GrassrootsGov | 2020-2022

    Leading product at GrassrootsGov (grassrootsgov.org), a nonprofit startup creating a new political engagement platform that aims to reimagine digital activism and empower local communities.
    - Managing a team of 3 product managers + 1 UI/UX designer
    - Leading user interviews/feature ideation/product requirements/product demos/bug fixing
    - Assessing product development sprints/engineering progress
    - Shaping overall product vision

My skills

  • Product Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Business Strategy


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